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Emphasising that culture played a very important role in the 8 years of Holy Defence, the President said, "The main factor of endurance, resistance and victory in the 8 years of defence was culture, especially the religious and doctrinal culture of the children of this land, and the Holy Defence created a culture of jihad, self-sacrifice and martyrdom".
Speaking on Tuesday in the meeting of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution in honour of the Holy Defence Week, Dr Hassan Rouhani referred to the resistance of the Iranian nation against world powers during the 8 years of Holy Defence and said, "In a relatively long period after World War II, the Iranian nation resisted and won not only against the aggressor army but also against all world powers during the 8 years of Holy Defence".
Explaining the cultural approaches during the Holy Defence, referring to the role of manpower and equipment, the President said, "In some countries, the first role is played in war by equipment and military facilities, but undoubtedly in the 8-year Holy Defence of our country, manpower played the first role".
The President noted, "The martyrs and youth who came to the borders to defend our country entered the field of resistance based on faith, belief and love for the homeland".
Emphasising that culture played a very important role in the 8-year Holy Defence, Dr Rouhani said, "The faith of the youth, belief in the Day of Judgment, faith in the verses of the Quran and hadiths and that they really went for a deal with God, was the main axis of the Holy Defence".
The President added, "Reviewing the history of the Holy Defence era and observing the states of fighters and warriors on the battlefield, especially in the trenches and their praying during the nights of operations, shows that culture, especially religious culture, played a key role in this period".
Dr Rouhani emphasised that the era of Holy Defence and the resistance of the young children of this region on the battlefield, created culture, jihad, self-sacrifice and martyrdom, and said, "If today the spirit of resistance is felt in society, there is no doubt the Holy Defence has had an important role in promoting and stabilising this spirit".
The President noted, "Today, patience and endurance of the families of veterans and martyrs is a great lesson for all of us. They promote the culture of self-sacrifice, endurance and patience in the true sense of the word in society".

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