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Finland's Director of Crisis Management Initiative (CMI) Ville Brummer underlined the need to take an international action to reduce losses and finding a treatment for COVID-19.
Brummer made the remarks in response to letter of Saied Reza Ameli, Secretary of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution Islamic Republic of Iran to religious and social leaders of world.
“Thank you for your letter dated 16.4.2020. Indeed, the global COVID-19 pandemic has hit hard many nations and calls for global action to mitigate and eventually find a cure for this disease,” the letter reads.
“As a conflict resolution organization, we are fully aware of the additional burden that this global pandemic poses on the living conditions of societies suffering from armed conflict,” Brummer said.
“The international community through its relevant mechanisms ought to multiply efforts for safeguarding multilateral institutions, and work towards greater complementarity between humanitarian, development and peacebuilding efforts,” he added.
“While the COVID-19 pandemic poses great challenges, it can also be an opportunity for greater cooperation among nations despite political disagreements,” he added.
“The Middle East is certainly a region that needs enhanced cooperation frameworks, to fulfill the aspirations of the people of the region for peace and prosperity.”

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