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Secretariat of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution in a statement deplored terrorist attack on Kabul University which claimed the lives of some students and professors and injured others.
In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
To Allah We belong, and to Him is our return (Al-Baqarah, verse 156)

The inhumane and terrorist crime at Faculty of Law of Kabul University and martyrdom of at least 22 people and injuring many civilians in this bitter accident who were mostly students and professors caused regret and sadness for great Iranian nation especially academics.
Today terrorism is considered as a big challenge and threat against international peace and security and disturbs the principles of a world which encompasses a wide area from Europe to Africa and Asia especially the Islamic states like Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan and unfortunately we often observe such terrorist and extremist crimes the result of which would be huge humanitarian losses, maintaining insecurity and instability and creating big obstacles on the development of these countries.

This crime and the similar terrorist ones have no harmony with principles of the divine religions but they are regarded as misusing religious sanctities and creating religious disputes, tensions, conflict and war among countries especially the Islamic ones and all of them are in line with interests based on arms sale and gaining more benefit from arms races and are the root cause of many tensions and insecurities in the world.
Attacking university which is a place to study science and way of thinking and killing oppressed students who had maybe nothing in their mind but to promote Afghanistan and to build a powerful and proud country indicates helplessness of terrorism against unbreakable determination of the Muslim nations especially that of the great Afghan nation which is based on rich Islamic culture and civilization.
The Secretariat of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution slams the terrorist act, offers condolences and sympathizes with honorable Afghan nation and survivors of this tragic accident especially academics in Afghanistan and Chancellor of Kabul University Dr. Mohammad Osman Babury and hopes for all Islamic countries to see end of terrorism and extremism in the world and especially in the Middle East as well as reinforcing peace, stability and calmness in the Islamic World.

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