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The 832th session of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution was held on Wednesday, chaired by Dr. Hassan Rouhani.
At the end of the meeting, Prof. Saeid Reza Ameli, Secretary of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, stated about the approvals of this meeting and said:" The main agenda of this meeting was the policies and action plans of the National Educational Research and Training Platform. They agreed and discussed the need to focus education and research services and pay attention to its cultural dimensions in cyberspace, especially in the context of Corona, where much of the country's education and research has been transferred to cyberspace."
"In addition to the corona conditions, which have required the use of cyberspace and electronic education and research in order to observe the physical distance, cyberspace is a new superpower that can provide the best quality in education and research under normal circumstances." Ameli said.
Referring to the logic of cyberspace that was discussed at the meeting, the secretary of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution said: "Cyberspace is different from physical space, and in this space, when we create a capacity, this capacity can be used nationally and globally. Unlike physical space, where the classroom is formed in a physical space limited to the environment, in cyberspace, facilities have a transcendental dimension."
"In the first passion, discussions were held on how to create convergence and synergy in the platform of the unit (platform) in order to maintain and flourish creativity and innovation while using the capacities of the public sector, private sector and global capacities." Prof. Ameli said.
"This issue has three levels of infrastructure and technology, content and services, the infrastructure of which must be provided in the context of the national information network, and the levels of services and content is a distributed matter for which all national capacities must be used." He added.
The Secretary of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution stated that the meeting emphasized that the creation of these capacities should not limit the activities of universities, ministries and agencies active in this field, adding that this capacity should be a central capability for synergy. For example, the presence of 700 systems of the Ministry of Health in this national platform and organizing them in terms of services will create a new capacity.
Prof. Ameli said: The members of the Supreme Council emphasized in this meeting that facilitating the provision of services and meeting the needs of the widespread users in the field of education and research, which is a large population of 20 million at the student level, as well as talking about a large scientific community of professors Is to be considered.
"Also, paying attention to religious and divine values ​​in the virtual cultural space was one of the issues that were emphasized." He added.
Prof. Saeid Reza Ameli also said: "At the end of the meeting, the esteemed chairman of the Supreme Council spoke with the members about the need to formulate macro policies and be accountable for the field of education and research and pay attention to educational dimensions. These policies and action plans were approved by the Supreme Council."
It was decided that the Secretariat will hold meetings with the stakeholders of this project, such as the Ministry of Science, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education and the Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, in order to redesign; The macro policies of this field should be reviewed and approved by the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution,he said.
the actions in this field will be in the hands of the public, private and other stakeholders and the creation of new and additional organizations that hinder direct activities will be avoided as one of the concerns of the members of the Supreme Council, Prof. Ameli emphasized.

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