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Referring to the forecast of many experts on three-digit inflation in the year 1398 due to the pressure of sanctions, the President said, "Despite these forecasts, the inflation rate has been declining since the mid-1398 and the growth rate has become positive, and this is evidence that when we join hands, even if the heavy pressure of sanctions is accompanied by the severe effects of coronavirus, we can still run the country well".
Speaking on Tuesday at the meeting of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, Dr Hassan Rouhani expressed happiness that with the measures taken by the Secretariat of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, it was possible to hold the meeting of the council, adding, "We held the meetings with the coordination and permission of the coronavirus task force, and this meeting, which was attended by some members and some of whom participated through video conference, was held with the permission of the coronavirus task force".
The President also welcomed the presence of the Speaker of the eleventh parliament Dr Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, who attended the meeting of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution for the first time.
The President continued, "In the school of Imam Jafar Sadiq (AS), in addition to religious issues, sciences such as astronomy, medicine, geometry and chemistry were also discussed, and as it is said, Imam Sadiq (AS) trained more than 4,000 students in various fields".
Dr Rouhani emphasised the importance of culture and pointed out that the Islamic Revolution had a cultural origin and the Islamic system continues with the same cultural movement, adding, "If culture was not rich and people's faith was not strong enough, today the society could not withstand the heavy pressure".
The President said that culture has always played a more effective and powerful role than military power, adding, "In the Islamic system, the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Ja'far Sadiq (AS) has played a role in several stages as a turning point in the Islamic movement".
Dr Rouhani added, "I hope that we will always be able to follow the path of Imam Sadiq's (AS) school until the final goals of the Islamic Revolution are achieved".
"Today, despite all the efforts, the people are facing problems and pressures in their lives, and of course no one thought that after the pressures and sanctions that started from the beginning of 1397, the Iranian nation will be able to withstand the growing pressure for three years," said Rouhani.

Dr Rouhani continued, "No one thought that the economic pressures that started in 1397 and quickly negatively affected the country's economic growth would turn into positive economic growth in 1398, despite the intensification of pressures, while many experts predicted that by the end of 1398, inflation would be 3 digits, from the mid-1398, inflation in the country declined from above 40% to below 30% now".
"This is a sign that despite all the pressure, the people have made a great effort to resist and show that when we join hands, even if the heavy pressure of sanctions is accompanied by the severe effects of coronavirus, we can still run the country well," the president said.
Dr Rouhani pointed out that the reduction in revenues due to sanctions and the subsequent outbreak of coronavirus has caused various difficulties and problems, but in general we have been able to continue the country's growth path.
He said, "Although we have been able to reopen a major part of businesses with the spread of coronavirus, businesses such as transportation and tourism, cultural, scientific, educational, and artistic activities, are still unable to return to normal activity because coronavirus".

"The post-coronavirus world is a completely different world, and if we think we can return to pre-coronavirus conditions in the short term, it's wrong, because no one can say when a cure or a vaccine will be found to prevent coronavirus".
Dr Rouhani said that the whole world is facing difficult conditions and the statistics are evidence of the shrinking economy of countries, saying, "With the efforts of officials in various sectors, we have been able to reactivate non-oil exports in many sectors and the country's borders have recently reopened, and conditions are improving step by step, and hopes for improvement have increased".
"I have to thank all the scientific, academic, corporate and knowledge-based centres that have worked hard to create new solutions to prevent the wheel of production from stopping. In these difficult circumstances, the new ideas of the knowledge-based centres turned Iran into a powerful exporter of some new products," he said.

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