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Prof. Saeid Reza Ameli, Secretary of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution in a message condemned insult of the President of France Emmanuel Macron to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).
The full text of the message is as follows:
14 centuries have passed since the message of God was conveyed by his last messenger, which was a message of mercy and compassion to the world.

While the world was involved with ignorance and misguidance, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) revelation was a shining light to change the course of history in the world from darkness to light and mercy.

"The message of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was a mercy not only for Muslims during his lifetime but also for all human beings including believers and even infidels in all ages and what has made the divine Messenger popular in the world is the jewel-like essence of morality in his behavior and manners which attracted all and God Almighty made Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) a role model of goodness for everyone.
Ameli reiterated that commenting on the virtues of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is not in the scope of the text but studying his life will acknowledge any freedom-seeker that the Holy Prophet has been the manifestation of divine mercy and blessing as various non-Muslim scholars have stressed this fact.
The futile insistence of this group on undermining the popularity of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) will go nowhere and today the beautiful name of Mohammad is the most popular and extensive name that people choose for their children.
The insult of ignorant people will make people in the world study more about the life of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and as a result more popularity for the Holy Prophet and more tendency toward Islam.
Blasphemy to sanctities of over two million Muslims and also believers of other divine religions is certainly an offensive measure which cannot be easily ignored.
The ignorance and the fruitless attempts for it is rooted in ignorant thoughts who want to extinguish the divine light but they should know that the light of Prophet Mohammad  will shine in the hearts of the people more than ever and the wave of willingness toward Islam will be reinforces more.
Those who are nervous and narrow-minded will be deplored by the world's public opinion every day.
These rude measures aiming to distort historical realities and insulting Prophet Mohammad which have also been underlined by president of France in an insulting way and in the vain pretext of the freedom of speech will remain in the history as example of barbarism and the Western people who identify double standards for others should respond for these contradictory behaviors.
But what is very surprising and also regretful today is the promotion of hatred atmosphere and other phobias, especially Islamophobia, which is rooted in the ideology of hatred, hate-mongering policies and prejudiced attitudes towards the moral and divine community of Muslims.
Disrespect for the values of a big society is, in fact, disrespect for the entire human society. Assassinating the character of the Holy Prophet of Islam, who is an example of a perfect human being, is the destruction of the perfections and values of all human society.
Any freedom-seeker will face this question on how inquiring about some historical realities in France which is the claimant of the freedom of speech will result in imprisonment but insulting to sanctities of two billion Muslims in the world in the pretext of freedom of expression is ignored.

Forcing women not to wear Hijab, making them not enter universities and imposing special Western and French style of living is regarded as freedom-seeking and democracy.
Certainly, these contradictory anti-religious behaviors in the world violate human rights and indicate the weakness and the arrogant spirit against the mercy message of Islam, which is after distorting it, and the creation of terrorist groups under the name of Islam in the world are among other acts aiming to damage the image of Islam and the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and all these heinous acts in the world are centered on Zionism and Global Arrogance.
In addition to condemning the measure taken by president Macron whose act is considered as an insult and violation of all human society’s rights, French government should respond for this insult to sanctities of Muslims and divine religions.
SCCR stressed that respecting others will certainly be better than the way of hatred and disrespect.
Accordingly, SCCR urges Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to react to breaching and damaging Muslim community’s rights and to prevent from double standards.

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