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(SCCR) - It has engulfed all countries, it is a global crisis, and it seems that with the emergence of Corona, our lives are divided into two parts before and after Dr. Saeed Reza Ameli, Secretary of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, said in an interview with Press TV about the objectives of writing letters to religious leaders and civil society activists around the world regarding the covid_19 pandemic.
He said: "The coronavirus has sent a lot of messages to the world, it showed that there is no difference between the West, the East, the South or the North, and that all people in the world, whether Muslim, Christian, Jewish, believer or non-believer, are equal”.
The Coronavirus has a message for us that all humans are passengers on the same ship, so anything that happens to each of the passengers will overshadow the others," Dr. Ameli added. We cannot be inattentive to each other and think about the future of the world while we have no worries about equality between human beings, he said.
The Secretary of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution continued: "The purpose of addressing the world's religious leaders and civil activists in the letter written about the pandemic was to say that we are not only responsible for our society but also for the people of the world." Let's be. The coronavirus has forced us to think more about the global community.
Referring to the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II, he said: "Humanity has experienced many wars in the world so far; for example, in the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in three days, nearly 300,000 poeple lost their lives, and now the coronavirus has killed about 2,000 people and continues to kill them. The new pandemic reminds us of the extent to which endangering people's lives can be bitter and painful, indicating our neglect.
Dr. Ameli explained: "In this letter, we have tried to say that in the current situation, we are responsible for human beings, and concerned about it, is part of this responsibility; many countries in the world, especially developed countries faced the food crisis from the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak, and the international community could not be reckless about this.
Referring to the war in some Western and European countries over health items, the secretary of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution said: "The coronavirus clearly indicates the fact that being in an advanced society does not necessarily mean having an ideal life." Looking at the death toll from the coronavirus in the world, 86% of deaths and 76% of cases have occurred in Western and developed societies, it is safe to say that scientific and technological advances don’t guarantee security and health.
"The United States has endangered the lives of thousands of people around the world for nearly a century," he said. America is only thinking about itself. Even in World War I and II, the United States created many problems for the world to save the lives of its people, but now the coronavirus has proven to be no exception, and Western societies are not exceptional.
Dr. Ameli added: "Corona virus seems to be a Western pandemic rather than a global pandemic, and the remarkable thing is that what we are experiencing is a reflection of our actions." I know many civil society activists in the West who are calling for world peace or launching anti-war campaigns, but they seem to be nothing more than jokes and in reality they do nothing for the people of the world.
The Secretary of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution insisted that the existence of 12,000 nuclear weapons is a serious global threat. Research by Russian and American scientists has shown that the simultaneous use of these 12,000 nuclear weapons can reduce global temperature to minus 50 degrees Celsius, which has led to a severe winter and the human race Destroys, so we need to think more about the philosophy of life, the philosophy of politics, and the philosophy of the international community. In fact, what needs to be done is a commitment to the international community.
Asked if the current structure needed new global guidelines, he said: "The United States has turned to the politics of global institutions after the Cold War, in the sense that it is not the United States that governs the world." Rather, the world is controlled by global economic institutions such as the World Trade Organization (WTO), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the World Bank (WB), but in fact behind all these global institutions is the United States, so the Coronavirus is a new opportunity to change our attitude toward the world.
Referring to the crisis in Italy during the outbreak of the coronavirus, Dr. Ameli said: "Italy is outraged by the negligence and lack of support and assistance from its allies in controling the crisis of covid_19. Selfishness occurs when we break God's laws.
The secretary of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution added: "It is God who governs the world, and we deny the existence of God by liberalism and secularism." They separated religion first from politics, then from culture, and then even from science. The international community is subject to laws that in the absence of any, disrupt the global process, just as denying the role of a member of the body will result in nothing but pain and disease. Everything we do in life and on earth comes back to us, so we have to look for the answer to why but to deny the existence of God. We need a serious return and reconsideration.
He continued: "God is the reality of life, but it depends on how much we believe. The more we understand this truth, the more impact we will have on our lives." We have always believed that God is the healer, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't go to the doctor for treatment. Life is based on cause and effect, so we must pay attention to science and medical findings. In addition, the remembrance of God increases people's patience in life, and according to psychologists, if we do not have strong self-confidence, we cannot overcome the disease.
Asked while all religious places and mosques have been closed due to the coronavirus outbreak, how we can pray, Dr. Ameli said: It is stated in a verse of the Quran: God is with you everywhere; in fact, God is the same pandemic that is everywhere, so there is no need to attend mosques or religious places of pilgrimage to communicate with God and pray. Wherever you are, you can connect with God. God is in our hearts, so his presence should not be limited to mosques and churches. Although the divine religions emphasize the greater impact of collective prayer, any gathering is currently banned due to health protocols to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
Emphasizing the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak on raising public awareness of the events around them and the world, the secretary of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution said: "People are now more aware of the past and this is the result of information about world events." The Internet has had many positive effects on human life, especially in the current situation where it is not possible to have a physical and face-to-face presence, this phenomenon has come to the aid of the people.
Dr. Ameli added: "Not only nationally, but also globally, and especially among government officials, there is more awakening than in the past." The Corona virus has led to the belief that even advanced Western societies are not immune to harm, especially now that it has been proven to be man-made and a laboratory virus. This awareness changed 99% of people's view of advanced Western societies and the capitalist system.
"The world needs a different United Nations without fear of the world's superpowers," he said. Unfortunately, the current UN is very dependent. It's not fair that just few countries in the world (13 countries) have a veto over more than 200 countries. So we need a United Nations with equal power and rules.

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