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Emphasising the importance of compiling a comprehensive scientific, defence and security document in the complete strategy of the armed forces and military authority based on the country's defence needs, the President said that the main purpose of compiling this document is to use the existing capacities in scientific and technological centres and the scientific potential of elites for strengthening of the country's defence power, as well as the establishment of a coherent and systematic relationship and cooperation between scientific and academic centres with the military and armed forces.
Speaking on Tuesday in the meeting of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, Dr Hassan Rouhani referred to the important role of scientific, civilian and even private centres in meeting the needs of the armed forces during the Holy Defence, and called it a valuable experience and said, "After the Holy Defence, including during sanctions, the defence and military sector of the country has provided reciprocal and effective services to the civilian sector, including the country's economy and industry".
The President mentioned military and defence power based on Islamic principles and human ethics as the main features and differences of Iran's defence doctrine with other countries and specified, "In a situation where some countries and powers aim at world domination and expansionism through the component of military and weapons power and have entered the competition for supremacy and the arms race with each other with this motive, the Islamic Republic of Iran, based on its religious beliefs, does not -and will not- consider such a goal".
Referring to the Supreme Leader's fatwa and views on defence power and capabilities, Dr Rouhani said, "A comprehensive scientific, defence and security document should be drafted in such a way as to be effective in moving the armed forces to strengthen defence power".
The Chairman of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution called it necessary to draw a roadmap for strengthening the relationship between the university and scientific and research centres with the defence sector and said, "Using the experience of developed countries, the private sector, especially knowledge-based centres, can cooperate with the Armed Forces".

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