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In a message on the occasion of the upcoming International Quds Day, Dr. Saied Reza Ameli the Secretary of Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution (SCCR) has placed emphasis on the importance of elevating Palestinian Resistance and keeping its flag hoisted high, as well as the need for solidarity in Resistance front. His message reads:

In the Name of God

Elevating Palestinian Resistance and Keeping Its Flag Hoisted – Need for Solidarity in Resistance Front

We are approaching the International Quds Day and the days to mourn martyrdom anniversary of Imam Ali (AS), the epitome of resistance and perseverance in the cause of God. During these days, we must review the nature of Resistance and learn more about the structure of Islamic Resistance in the course of history to renew our allegiance to the leader of the Resistance and the Imam of the Muslims in our day. The spirit of Resistance manifests itself both in “minor jihad” and “major jihad”. On the other hand, attaching jihad to monotheism and Islamic guardianship is the central theme and focal point of Resistance.
They say minor jihad involves war and defense while major jihad involves resistance against impetuous passions, conducting good deeds in life and making progress. At the same time, it is clear that major jihad is to complete the minor jihad while minor jihad is impossible without major jihad. Resistance and the culture of Resistance is the meeting point of both forms of jihad, one manifested in the battleground and the other in the stage of life and endeavors for establishment of an Islamic society in the context of national, regional and international policies. God has truly stated that “Surely those who say, “Our Lord is Allah,” and then remain steadfast, the angels descend upon them, saying, “Do not fear, nor grieve. Rather, rejoice in the good news of Paradise, which you have been promised.” (Surah Fussilat: 30) Establishment of a monotheist state requires resistance and a morale of steadfastness. In this approach, there is no difference between the battleground and the arenas of diplomacy, economy, Resistance and endeavors for establishment of justice. In this approach, the purposeful and strategic act should be resorting to the culture of Resistance and involvement in the Islamic Resistance programs. To that end, Palestinian Resistance Movement, Syrian Resistance, Yemeni Resistance, Iraq and Afghanistan Resistance, even Resistance of Islamic Movement in Nigeria, and most important of all, the Resistance and fortification of Iran’s Islamic Revolution gain double significance. Any deviation from the path of Resistance leads to the wrong route of normalization of relations with the aggressor Zionist regime of Israel, exposing the previous philosophy behind formation of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) to skepticism and deviation.
The everlasting personalities in history, like Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Imam Ali (AS) as well as all the Infallible Imams shared a common morale both in minor jihad and major jihad arenas. This has helped them maintain their steadfastness and resistance against the devils of temptation and violence so that monotheism, justice and Islamic guardianship were central to their lives and conducts.
Throughout the glorious history of Islamic Revolution, there were noble people with lengthy period of jihad, both major and minor, whose honorable end was pronounced by the worst of the ill-favored enemies. Martyred general Haj Qassem Soleimani was an outstanding example and a hero of Resistance.
At this sensitive period, when the enemies and allies of global hegemony have arrayed lines against Islamic Resistance front, there is a need for fortification of Islamic Revolution front and for avoiding any schism in Islamic Resistance front. Today, more than ever before in the past history, we need unity of words and actions for the glory of Islam and Islamic Revolution under the competent, wise and forethoughtful Leader Ayatollah Khamenei.
Elevating Resistance front and keeping its flag hoisted through strong faith and good deeds in all arenas of jihad will lead to an honorable victory. Knowledge, dynamic and blooming culture will provide Divine rationality for the welfare and comfort of people in Iran, the region and the world. Hearts and eyes are looking forward to seeing reappearance of the Imam of the Time.    

Saied Reza Ameli
Secretary of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution

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