No: 13868| Sunday, July 12, 2020| 7:09 PM| Visit: 2550

The Speaker and MPs of the 11th Islamic Consultative Assembly met with Imam Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, via video conferencing this morning, July 12, 2020.
In this meeting, Imam Khamenei highlighted the strength and defensive power of the country and reiterated that the enemies – headed by the malicious US government – have admitted the defeat of the sanctions against Iran.
Describing the economic problems of Iran as a “disease,” His Eminence stated, “Considering its strength and defensive power, the country certainly possesses the capability to overcome this disease. This is a fact that has been acknowledged by the enemies who have failed to achieve their goals against Iran despite having imposed the harshest sanctions and exerting all-out pressure.”
He stressed the necessity for unity in facing the massive front of the enemies, and added, “Today, the front of the enemy, whose most malicious, brazen element is the US government, has used all its political, economic and propagandist power to bring the strong Iranian nation to its knees.”
Elsewhere in his statements, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution stated that the participation of an acceptable number of people in the parliamentary elections is a sign of the people’s hopefulness and their expectation that the problems will be solved. Addressing the MPs, he said, “You should appreciate the value of these circumstances.”
Imam Khamenei explained that the spiritual resources of the people, which are rooted in their religious and revolutionary faith, complements their natural, geographical and historic capacities and added, “These spiritual resources should receive due attention and be put to good use considering the fact that they are a very important factor.”
His Eminence referred to “the people’s timely and selfless participation in confronting the first wave of the Coronavirus pandemic,” “their valuable services in the movement to help underprivileged families” and  “their glorious and shining presence in the ceremony for the burial of General Soleimani” as instances of the Iranian nation’s spiritual resources. He stated, “The people disappoint the enemy in every move they make against the Islamic Republic. Can anyone imagine a capability and capacity higher than this for a country?”
At the end of his statements, Imam Khamenei described the resurgence of the Coronavirus and the death of a fairly large number of those who have become infected as “truly saddening.” He thanked the medical professionals throughout the country for their brilliant performance and for the sacrifices they have made until today.

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