No: 15084| Wednesday, October 28, 2020| 12:00 PM| Visit: 1448

The 11th Meeting of International Directors and Deputies of Universities, Higher Education Centers and MSRT was held in 6th Aban of 1399.
Dr. Gholami, Iran’s Minister of Science, Research and Technology, pointed to Iran’s activities and experiences in developing international communication and called them an asset for the country.
Dr. Gholami referred to the COVID 19 Pandemic as a global threat, while he insisted that MSRT has transformed this threat into the opportunity for deepening international communications. “We have major achievements in this era, including the development of technologies, infrastructures, and physical facilities, and we could not have been reached in the normal situation,” Dr. Gholami said.
He also said that Iran’s higher education centers and the other universities in the world shares the same situation within which “we have been successful in introducing ourselves despite the inhuman sanctions.” Dr. Gholami referred to the positive impacts of decreasing the costs of international meetings for educational infrastructure investments and added that the development in higher education shows the country’s scientific progress. He also stated that Iranian universities and research centers should adapt themselves to this new situation by modifying new educational procedures and rules.
Several representatives of major institutions and organizations, including Iran’s Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology, universities, higher education institutions and centers, science and technology parks, Iran’s permanent delegation at UNESCO, the World of Islam networks, and Iran’s scientific consultants, participated in the meeting.

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