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The fifth bilateral meeting was held between the presidents of the top universities of Iran and Russia.
In this meeting, Professor Gholami, Iran’s Minister of Science, Research, and Technology, and Dr. Valery Falkov, Russian Minister of Science and Higher Education delivered speeches. Professor Gholami referred to high potential of two countries and recommended to expand joint collaborations and exchange of experiments.   
Dr. Falkov said that the admission of 90 Iranian students to Russian universities is planned for 2020, and in the relations between the universities of the two countries, most students from Iran are applying for Moscow University of Medical Sciences and St. Petersburg University of Medical Sciences.
“Our cooperation with Iran is very effective, and this relationship has developed with great confidence, especially in the field of scientific exchanges in recent years,” Valery Falkov said at a fifth meeting of the presidents of Iran's and Russia's top universities on Tuesday afternoon.
Kazem Jalali, Iran’s ambassador to Moscow, highlighted several efforts and activities to promote scientific and academic cooperation. Russian Ambassador to Iran Levan Jagarian said for his part that we attach great importance to scientific cooperation and have a strategic partnership in the field of scientific exchanges that the Russian and Iranian sides are working to generalize. The Russian ambassador to Iran stated that despite the new conditions, we can reach the necessary agreements virtually on the expansion of relations between Iran and Russia.


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