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The President emphasised the redoubled efforts of all agencies in organising the cyberspace to compensate for the backlog in this area and achieve the main goals of the formation of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace

Speaking on Tuesday evening in the meeting of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi referred to the need to make changes in the missions of the council, saying, "Using the views of the natural members and the expertise of legal members of the council, effective steps can be taken to compensate for the backlog and the cyberspace management”.
The President described the completion and operation of the National Information Network a necessity and instructed the National Cyberspace Centre and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to seriously pursue the completion of the National Information Network.
Referring to the benefits of e-government and smart government, Dr Raisi said, "Forming a smart government is necessary for the welfare of the people and facilitating their affairs, so all agencies should work together”.
Emphasising the attention of all agencies and ministries to the digital economy, Ayatollah Raisi said, "Activation of the digital economy is effective in increasing employment, wealth creation and creating added value”.
The President also called for the creation of strategic platforms to provide services in the fields of education, health, agriculture, finance and trade.
Dr Raisi continued by emphasising the importance of paying attention to intelligent and goal-oriented management in the field of entertainment and leisure in the digital space.
The President also referred to the need to make cyberspace safe and secure and said, "In a situation where the enemies are attacking the personal and private space of the people and the country, neglect in this field is not acceptable".


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