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Secretary of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution Saied Reza Ameli said on Monday that Iranian deterrence power aims to bolster international peace and thwart attempts by certain countries to disrupt the world peace.
Today the Islamic Republic of Iran is moving toward deterrence power aiming to establish peace in the world, Ameli said addressing an online international conference on peace and settlement of conflicts.
He regretted that the international community is suffering from bigotry, saying, "We are still observing ethnic, tribal and religious bigotry and armed conflicts in the world." 
He noted that the 20th century was bloodier than 19th century meaning that bigotry and barbarism have not declined in the modern world and it may also increase.
The scholar expressed concern about stockpiling weapons of mass destruction in the world more than ever, saying that the world has now the capacity for manufacturing 12,000 nuclear bombs and can have destruction power 6,000 times more than Hiroshima.
Elsewhere in his remarks, Ameli pointed to 800 million poor people and famine in the world community, saying that the global system needs to address of the cause of poverty to effectively stem the armed conflicts.
He called for the restructuring the global system, a reference to the United Nations Security Council.
The Iranian scholar called for thwarting political views leading to war and hatred, saying that the ideology of hatred creates the basis for war and bloodshed.
He made clear that the Islamic Republic of Iran advocates international peace and security.
"We do not want nations to get involved in war and other nations to oppose Muslims," he said adding that peace is a global concept so the armed conflicts should be replaced with the peace as a prevailing international concept.


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