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Dr. Saeed Reza Ameli, Secretary of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, during his visit to The Republic of Macedonia , spoke to Macedonian cultural luminaries, with Macedonian Minister of Culture, Hyseni Ismaeeli, also present.
Macedonian Minister of Culture: "Iran is the cradle of culture and civilization. We are ready to have  Iranian artists  exhibitions in Macedonia."
SCCR: the meeting was attended by Mr. Karimi, the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Republic of Macedonia, and Mr. Zamani, the senior expert of Balkans affairs. Hyseni Ismaeeli referred to Iran as the cradle of culture and civilization and declared that Macedonia is ready to cooperate and interact with Iran in the fields of film, literature, painting and sculpture, and to hold public exhibitions for Iranian artists.
Dr. Ameli: "Iran is among the top four countries for scientific development"
Dr. Saeed Reza Ameli, appreciated the Macedonian people hospitality and Mr. Ismaeeli’s grasp of Iranian culture and civilization which shows hi preeminence. He emphasized on the need for joint cooperation between Iran and Macedonia and said: "Iran and Macedonia share cross-cultural similarities which provide significant advantage for the two countries".
He added: "The historical experience of independence is one of the common features of both countries."
Dr. Ameli further pointed to the role that Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution plays in the cultural structure of Iran and said: “in the recent years, Iran has achieved a high global rank in scientific growth and today Iran is among the top four countries for scientific development".
Inviting Macedonian thinkers and intellectuals to participate in Farabi International Festival
Referring to the facilities and supports of Iran for science and technology advancement, he said: "Mustafa (PBUH) is one of the Iranian prestigious awards in the field of science and technology which  rewards the scientific achievements by top Muslim scientists".
Dr. Ameli also explained about the field of humanities and social sciences in Farabi Festival and invited Macedonian thinkers and intellectuals to participate in this award and international festival.
Iranian Cinema Is the Manifestation of Unseen Social Realities
Referring to Mr. Ismaeeli’s interest in the Iranian cinema, Dr. Ameli said: "Iranian cinema has many features, including the ability to represent unseen social realities. In fact, Iranian Cinema focuses on unseen but important social realities, such as dedication, attention and connection to God, poverty, forgetting warriors, decreasing attention to social values, family, and spiritual position of parents".
Iran is ready to host Macedonian scientists and elite
Dr. Ameli announced that Iran is ready to host Macedonian scientists and elites.
Presenting to the Macedonian Minister of Culture a book titled American Exceptionalism which is based on Iran Supreme Leader’s letter to European and American Youth
According to the reports, at the end of this meeting, Dr. Ameli, the secretary of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, presented a book titled American Exceptionalism, Eurocentrism and Otherisation of Muslims, focusing on a letter from Iran Supreme Leader to the youth in European countries. In this regard, he explained: "in his letter, the Supreme Leader emphasizes on attracting the attention of young European and American generations to true message of Islam. He wrote the letter due to the fact that the European and American people are much influenced by Islamophobia and the way Islam is misrepresented".
He continued: "given the distorted image of Islam in the West, this issue is very important for us. Therefore, we recommend that young people refer to the Text of the Qur'an to understand the elegance of Islam".
Dr. Ameli also presented to the Minister of Culture two more books written by him about Canadian and British Muslims focusing on the anti-Muslim hatred.

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