No: 18385| Tuesday, September 21, 2021| 10:15 PM| Visit: 2223

The second meeting of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution in the 13th government was held on Tuesday evening under the chairmanship of Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi, and the members continued discussing the transformation in the performance of the council based on Supreme Leader's system of thought".
Emphasising that the focus of the meeting is to change the performance of the council and move from the current situation to the desired situation, he said, "The goal of the issues discussed is that the Supreme Leader's system of thought on the tasks of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution be extracted from the Supreme Leader's written and official statements, and then we will see how the activities and actions of the council correspond to this description of duties".
At the beginning of the meeting, Ayatollah Raisi also presented a report on his visit to Tajikistan and participation in the Shanghai Summit, saying, "The most important achievement of this trip was our country's official membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, which connected Iran to Asia's economic infrastructure".
"In addition, membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation provides a lot of cultural and social potential for the country," he said.
The President referred to his meetings with the leaders of neighbouring countries and the region and stated, "There were problems in Iran's relations with some neighbouring countries, in which we agreed to solve the problems and establish a new chapter in relations".
"These meetings will be a kind of turning point for the development of regional relations in Iran, which is one of the principles of the foreign policy of the 13th government," he said.
Stating that the use of the valuable capacity of Chabahar port was mentioned many times in these meetings, Dr Raisi noted, "Chabahar port has a very high capacity in developing regional and global relations and very good grounds for regional cooperation and bringing economic growth and prosperity to our country and other countries in the region".
The President said, "Considering Iran's membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and trying to make the port of Chabahar more active, we can easily increase Iran's share in regional trade more than double".

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