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After the report of the National Elite Foundation on migration and the growing trend of return of Iranian elites and intellectuals to the country, the President stated, "The formation and development of knowledge-based companies in the country in recent years and their important role in improving the economy , innovation, production technology and market prosperity, show significant progress in attracting elites from abroad".
Speaking on Tuesday evening in the meeting of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, Dr Hassan Rouhani called the elites and educated people living abroad a useful and great asset for the country and the need to formulate and implement appropriate policies to attract more and prevent the return of elites to the country".
The head of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, referring to the unrealistic and exaggerated statistics presented in the media in the field of migration of elites and educated people abroad, stressed the need for enlightenment and providing real statistics in this field and said: Recognize and formulate methods and policies to encourage and attract Iranian elites and educated people abroad.
In today's meeting of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, the head of the Elite Foundation presented a report on the migration of elites and the implementation of the strategic document of the country's elites. 
The Council also emphasised the role of developing knowledge-based companies in attracting elites .abroad

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