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In the last meeting of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution in the year 1399, President Hassan Rouhani said, "Year 1399 was a difficult year, and in the early months of this year, we could not even hold meetings of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution. However, council meetings were held and we made good decisions".
The Chairman of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution also went on to say, "In order to keep people's spirits high and not to let the enemies use it, we did not say much about the hardships that we faced, but the country was really restricted and limited in various fields from transportation to exports and banking transactions".
Dr Rouhani stated, "The enemies and those who imposed sanctions on us were sure that the country would collapse due to these pressures, but with the resistance of the people and with the guidance of the Supreme Leader, we went through these difficult days".
Pointing out that today, those who imposed sanctions explicitly admit that the maximum pressure and threats did not yield results for them and that it was a mistake, the President noted, "Today, in addition to acknowledging the failure, they say that the only way out is to return to the path before the economic war".
Dr Rouhani continued, "Many of the things that happened to us during these three years have not been told anywhere, but in the future the facts will be clarified and history will testify that the Iranian nation not only did not give in to maximum pressure, but also managed the affairs well".
Dr Rouhani added, "Last year, with the COVID-19 pandemic, even developed countries that were not under any sanctions had problems in supplying and distributing goods, but the Islamic Republic managed the spread of coronavirus and all-out pressure and sanctions with firm steps".
Referring to the activities and measures taken to overcome the problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the President said, "The former US President had announced at the beginning of the outbreak of coronavirus that he wanted to send four ventilators to Iran to, as he claimed, help Iran fight this disease, but we told them that Iran is exporting ventilators".
Dr. Rouhani added: "Today, with the help of the talent and efforts of the country's youth in producing all kinds of equipment and medical and treatment needs, we have reached self-sufficiency and we are reaching the stage of mass production of Iranian corona vaccine."

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