No: 11353| Monday, May 18, 2020| 8:02 PM| Visit: 1823

Iran's Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education Saeed Namaki on Monday called on World Health Organization (WHO) to intervene in the brutal sanctions against Iran and other nations that may have difficulty in procuring medicine and vaccines.
He made the remarks after a videoconference with the World Health Organization held first after decades due to spread of coronavirus.
"In a statement, we expressed support for the World Health Organization as an entity that could be the link between countries to fight coronavirus in the current situation. We also condemned the US move to undermine the World Health Organization," Namaki said.
"We have been able to announce the decrease in mortality rate and improve controlling COVID-19 as a major achievement in the international arena," he said.
Meanwhile, the Iranian health minister hailed key role of WHO in supporting and coordinating collective fight against the pandemic, saying that the entity deserves backing not being fined by certain countries.
He hailed Iran's achievements in fighting the disease, saying that the country has been able to control the disease and drastically reduce rate of mortality.

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