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Emphasising the place of the family institution in the progress and excellence of the society, the President called on all the related institutions to implement their legal duties in order to facilitate the marriage and family formation of young people.
Speaking in the meeting of the cabinet on Sunday, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi referred to the family day, and described the importance of promoting the culture of "family formation" as an important matter and facilitating the marriage of young people as one of the priorities of the 13th Administration and stated, "Special attention to the institution of the family in policies and practical measures will undoubtedly have many good achievements and positive consequences for the society".
The President said that according to the "Population and Family Protection" law, all institutions are required to seriously support the institution of the family and present operational plans in this area, and emphasised that, "In addition to promoting the culture of family formation, all institutions should do their best to resolve problems and obstacles, especially in the field of housing and employment".
Explaining the intellectual foundations and practical plans of the domination system to weaken the institution of the family and promote inhumane concepts in this field as fake indicators of civilisation, the President said, "Degenerate Western policymakers promote anti-family concepts in the world by using media tools and wealth, but the followers of divine and Abrahamic religions should follow the resistance and strength of the family institution against this moral degeneration more than in the past".
In another part of his speech, after listening to the report of the Minister of Agricultural Jihad regarding the increase in the production of strategic crops such as wheat, corn and barley and providing the grains needed by the country, Dr Raisi said, "The basic policy of the government is to ensure food security by relying on the hardworking farmers of the country and the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad, the Plan and Budget Organisation and the Central Bank must fulfil their obligations regarding the purchase of these strategic products on the due date".
At the beginning of his speech, Ayatollah Raisi once again expressed his regret for the flood incident in Estahban in Fars province and offered his condolences to the families of citizens who lost their lives in this incident, and urged the related authorities to look into the aspects of the incident and prevent similar incidents from happening.

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