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The President stated that if it were not for the 13th of Aban, only the anti-authoritarian aspect of the Islamic Revolution would have been highlighted, adding, "The timely movement of students on the 13th of Aban, which was based on their accurate knowledge of Imam Khomeini's ideals, showed that the Islamic Revolution of the Iranian people was struggling simultaneously with "internal tyranny and foreign hegemony".

Speaking in a meeting with a group of students on Wednesday afternoon on the occasion of the anniversary of the takeover of the American Den of Spies and Student Day, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi called this day a reminder of great and glorious days in the history of the Iranian nation's struggle against domestic tyranny and foreign colonisation.
Referring to the points raised by students in this meeting about textbooks and attention to educational points, Dr Raisi said, "The country's education system should seek to elevate the students' moral perfection to train people with a sense of responsibility".
The President stated, "Apart from textbooks, teachers and teaching staff also have an effective role in educating the next generation, and the government, for its part, seeks to create conditions for improving the living conditions of teachers, the quality and efficiency of work and their dignity".
Ayatollah Raisi went on to describe student organisations as valuable in guiding the social role of students, saying, "Organisations such as the Red Crescent Youth Organisation, the Union of Students' Islamic Associations, Student Basij, and the like play a significant role in the emergence of students' capabilities".
Dr Raisi continued, "Also, the Student Majlis can be a very good exercise for creating an effective social role for students, and I hope that the preparations for the formation of the Student Majlis will be provided as soon as possible by improving health conditions".
Referring to one of the students' remarks about the Declaration of the Second Step of the Islamic Revolution, the President said, "The plan of the 13th government is to coordinate all its actions with the upstream plan".
Pointing out that the future is in the hands of you students, Ayatollah Raisi added, "A quick review of the general situation of the country is enough to see that after the victory of the Islamic Revolution we have done a lot and made a lot of progress, but there are many backlogs that must be compensated, and this is your responsibility more than anyone else".
The President also stressed the special role of education in building the country, stating, "The document on the transformation of the education system should not remain just a written document, but should document the real transformation of education and the transformation of the country's schools".
Ayatollah Raisi called the students the future builders and the main reserves of the country to reach the peak of progress and noted, "Students can prepare themselves to build an Islamic Iran by mastering the glorious history of this country and making an epic point in history against ill-wishers".

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