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seminary director said: "We hope victories such as the recent victory of the Muslims in Karabakh for the Muslim Ummah in all parts of the world. And this victory leads to the departure of aggressors from all occupied Islamic lands, especially the defeat of Israel.”
Ayatollah Ali Reza Arafi, in a meeting with Azerbaijani scholars and clerics held at the office of the director of seminaries in Qom, congratulated the victories achieved by Muslim people of Azerbaijan and said: "We hope these victories for The ummah of Islam to take shape in all parts of the world and will lead to the departure of aggressors from all Islamic lands and soon to the defeat of the usurper regime of Israel.
He said: "When the events in Karabagh happened, it was heavy for us seminarians and we felt obliged and had a strong position on religious duties."
The director of the seminaries said: "In the meeting, we had with the Supreme Leader, he also said that we declare our position on the issue of Islamic lands with international logic without any political considerations, and we support the liberation of Islamic regions."
Ayatollah Arafi stated: “The Supreme Leader welcomed the statement issued by the seminary of Qom and said that you have done the right thing.”
He noted: "Azerbaijan has historical roots in religious and theological sciences; This brilliant background must continue and this link must not be severed.
This member of the Supreme Council of seminaries said: "The fondness for seminary and religious traditions and cultivating religious scholars who serve the nation and are pioneers in the fields of scientific and moral development of civilization should be maintained and promoted in Azerbaijan, This requires more work than normal and requires a new leap; This is possible and is expected from the seminarians of Azerbaijan, and we will do everything we can to help them in this way.”
He pointed out the importance of self-purification for the clergy and said: “religious and spiritual health, self-purification and inner cultivation play the first and last role in the clergy; I ask you to pay special attention to this.”
Ayatollah Arafi continued: “Promote religious culture; the people and the ruling government of Azerbaijan are well aware that religious culture has a great impact on the growth, prosperity, independence, and greatness of the country, and the wise beliefs and Islamic spirituality of the young generation will irrigate it. Commonly, be pioneering and responsive in responding to such national demands.”
Addressing the clergy of Azerbaijan, he said: "You should follow the scientific and artistic works following the current conditions and related to the youth of the country in religious fields."
This member of the Qom Seminary Teachers Association said about the Armenian government: "The Armenian government should not continue its past mistakes and face international laws, religious sentiments, and logic."
The Friday Imam of Qom stated: “The Islamic Republic of Iran has been standing by the Muslims of the world and is still so; The logical move is to correct past mistakes and not make new ones.”
The director of the seminaries said: "We should also congratulate the government of our neighboring country as well as the great nation of Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijan authorities saw that if they use the correct logic, Iran would be by their side.”
He added: "We hope that the Azerbaijani government will pay attention to some issues, such as relations with some countries, which are dangerous for the Muslim Ummah."
In the end, Ayatollah Arafi considered the promise of the victory of truth and faith as a divine promise, the fulfillment of which is guaranteed by the unity and brotherhood of the Muslim Ummah.

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