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This morning, Sorena Sattari, the vice president for science and technology affairs, entered South Khorasan Province to accelerate the pace of expanding the innovation and technology ecosystem in the province. Some of the plans of the trip include visiting technological projects and opening several innovation centers.
Upon entering Birjand, the vice president for science and technology affairs was welcomed by the governor and some of the authorities of the province. The main goal of the trip is accelerating the technological moves of activists in the innovation and technology ecosystem. In this regard, Sattari will visit the University of Birjand and meet with technologists and researchers in this center.
In addition, the first phase of the innovation center of Birjand University of Technology will be opened. The contract to establish this center was signed last May with the support of the Vice-Presidency. The first phase of the center is established in an area of 600 m2 and has provided space for 15 knowledge-based companies and startups. One of the features of this center is its establishment in the educational space and its connection with the university. So the communication and interaction of students and professors with businesses is flourishing, and in a way it is accelerating the movement towards third-generation and innovative universities.
Opening Ferdows and Tabas Growth Centers
Opening the new building of the technology growth center in Ferdows is another part of the trip to this province to properly benefit from the human resource capacity of the region. The center has been equipped with the support of the Vice-Presidency and has provided space for more than 30 knowledge-based companies. Sattari will open the center via a conference video call.
Moreover, exploitation of the new building of Tabas Innovation Center will be carried out and several technological companies will start their activities in this center so that the next steps could be taken toward equipping the center. This center will also be opened via a conference video call.
The vice president for science and technology affairs traveled to South Khorasan Province to visit the science and technology park of the province and will visit the innovation and technology achievements of companies based in the park. After that, the operation ceremony of the Research and Technology Fund of the province located in the Science and Technology Park will be held. The fund is responsible for supporting technologists and innovators.
After that, the vice president for science and technology affairs will meet with the activists in the growth center of Islamic Azad University, Birjand branch and Birjand University of Medical Sciences.

Ref:A report by the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs


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