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Ebrahimi Turkaman, in a meeting with the President of the Alumni Association of Imam Sadiq (AS) University, stressed the importance of maintaining relations with the alumni and said "Imam Sadiq (AS) University should provide the ground for foreign and international communication infrastructure.
Hojjatoleslam, Seyed Mostafa Mirlouhi, President of the Alumni Association of Imam Sadiq (AS) University, and the accompanying delegation met with Abuzar Ebrahimi-Turkaman, President of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization. In his speech, , while offering condolences on the occasion of the Fatimid era and the martyrdom of the daughter of the Holy Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Fatemeh Zahra (AS, referred to the memoirs of Ayatollah Mahdavi-Kani and said he was an active clergy during the Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Republic establishment. He added that One of his moral virtues was to be fair to others, which I realized by reading his memoirs. Later, I realized this important thing that, the blessing that God has given to Imam Sadiq (AS) University, was due to the intention of this great man.
The head of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization the talked about some of the valuable characteristics of Imam Sadegh (AS) University, such as student per capita, teacher-student interaction, avoiding quantitative growth and focusing on qualitative development, learning a foreign language for students and study opportunities, and maintaining contact with graduated students.
The member of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, called the disbelief as the source of modern ignorance, disbelief in the teachings of reason and wisdom, in other words, a struggle between "having" and "becoming". One hundred years ago, man thought that if education was done well, all problems would be solved, but later it became clear that education alone is not the solution. So, the difference between education and that human beings can have the ability to overcome problems is the difference between having and becoming.
While stating the above, Ebrahimi Turkaman acknowledged that some people try to have, seek to become pious; these becoming results in teachings that are given to the person, to penetrate into his soul, so education simply may lead to acquisition of some knowledge, learnings and topics, but also to ignorance, namely awareness and at the same time, ignorance.
Making a video clip about the activities of Imam Sadiq (AS) University in various languages
 Ebrahimi-Turkaman stressed the need for communication with foreign students and said Imam Sadiq (AS) University can update the Internet sites that are provided as a reference for foreign students in various languages​. It also needs to facilitate communication with international students.
The Chairman of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization suggested that a brochure on the most important activities of Imam Sadiq (AS) University be prepared in English, Arabic, Russian, French and German and distributed abroad with the cooperation of Iranian Cultural attaches. He also considered it necessary to make a video clip of the activities of Imam Sadiq (AS) University in various languages and said if we are to be a university that steps in the international arena, we must have the required infrastructure for foreign and international relations and communication with foreign students in the near future.
 Ebrahimi-Turkmen announced the readiness of the Islamic Culture and Relations organization for joint cooperation in the fields of holding international conferences, enrolling foreign students in Imam Sadiq (AS) University and holding interfaith dialogues. Concluding his speech, Abuzar Ebrahimi Turkaman stressed the need to form joint specialized working groups adding that in order to realize the provisions and the most important programs for which we are going to implement, we must have a joint working group consisting of members of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization and Imam University aimed of strengthening scientific knowledge in the international arena.
Scientific diplomacy; One of the most effective means of public diplomacy
Hojjatoleslam Mirlouhi, President of the Alumni Association of Imam Sadiq (AS) University, for his part, expressed the goals and aspirations of Ayatollah Mahdavi Kani about the establishment of this university and the reasons for the formation of the Alumni Association. He reminded: The late Ayatollah Mahdavi Kani, the founder of the university, considered the purpose behind establishment of Imam Sadiq (AS) University as expansion and promotion of the Shiite world. In fact, the effort to develop and advance the discourse of revolutionary Islam and Shiism beyond the borders of Islamic Iran should be considered one of the main features of this university.
 He called for the cooperation of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization to use the potentials of Imam Sadiq (AS) University outside Iran and said Imam Sadiq (AS) University can be a model university for conducting scientific diplomacy abroad. In the continuation of this meeting, Mehdi Sadeghi Shahedani, Dean of the Faculty of Economics of Imam Sadiq (AS) University said the main goal of Imam Sadiq (AS) University is establishing Islamic education and economics, training young researchers who are experts in the field of Islamic economics and be producers of knowledge. Imam Sadiq (AS) University accepts students in the fields of Islamic education and economics, monetary economics and financial economics, and management of international oil and gas contracts, and accepts students on of oil and gas economics.
 Dean of the Faculty of Economics of Imam Sadiq (AS) University added that since Islamic Culture and Relations Organization has been established as the center of public diplomacy of the Islamic Republic of Iran for the integration of cultural activities abroad and provides a clear picture of Iranian-Islamic culture and civilization to the world, Imam Sadiq (AS) University can play a role in the framework of scientific and academic diplomacy abroad. Sadeghi Shahedani announced the university"s readiness to provide the possibility of holding formal university courses and workshops for Iranians living abroad virtually, implementing scientific and academic programs in the international arena and expanding interactions in educational environments.
Gholamreza Khajeh Sarvi, a member of the faculty of Imam Sadiq (AS) University, also spoke about the expertise and experiences of the graduates of this university and said Imam Sadiq (AS) University can take a purposeful and constructive step in the framework of scientific and academic diplomacy abroad and play a particularly effective role among the universities of the Islamic world.


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